February 2012 Newsletter

Greetings everyone, and welcome to February 2012. Yes, you read that correctly--February. Do you ever feel like the weeks and months and years become a blur as you get older? I do, and it's even more so once you have kids. But one thing that helps slow the blur is trying to enjoy everything life throws at you. And for me, February is starting off with two things I am looking forward to--my Giants playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, after one of the most impressive regular season finishes and another wild playoff run. (Side note, you can read some of my commentary at Big Blue View. Oh, and you can read and try my new Super Bowl recipes, Linkpublished yesterday on Bullz-Eye.com's Grub for Guys). The other thing I'm looking forward to is back surgery on Tuesday. It's an outpatient procedure, but still surgery--and I can't wait to feel some relief after living with a bad disc for years. I'm also looking forward to resting for a few days before diving back into work the following week. Sometimes, even when you have a forced rest period like this, it's nice to recharge the batteries, so to speak--which is great, because I have so much amazing talent to represent. What talent, you ask? Here is a brief glimpse with some links.....

First, I started a Soundcloud where you can hear samples of our clients. It needs to be updated, but please visit and give a listen.

New Clients and Upcoming Releases

Erik Brandt: The Long Winter (February 2012) Twin Cities based multi-instrumentalist and singer is the front man for Urban Hillbilly Quartet, and this is his third solo release. The album covers a wide swath of music--from indie rock to country to jazz to folk. www.ErikBrandt.com

The Iveys: Days & Nights (February 21): It may be a full calendar year later than anticipated, but the new release from sibling rock trio The Iveys is well worth the wait, with their most powerful and emotional batch of songs. www.theiveysmusic.com

Brad Brooks: Harmony of Passing Light (February 28) San Francisco based artist is amid a renaissance of incredible singer/songwriters in the Bay area, and he's been recognized as combining "the orchestral sophistication of Queen, the melodic sensibility of Elvis Costello and the punk energy of early Talking Heads." www.bradbrooksmusic.com

David Olney: The Stone (March 20) The second in a series of thematic mini-albums, The Stone is the follow-up to 2011's David Olney Presents: FILM NOIR. Olney can tell a story like few can, and he is about to deliver some unique biblical perspectives with this new release. www.davidolney.com

Martin Zellar: Roosters Crow (February 7) www.martinzellar.com

Tommy Womack: Now What! (February 21): www.tommywomack.com

Tumbledown House: Fables and Falsehoods (March 20): www.tumbledownhouse.com

Russell Howard: City Heart (March 2012): www.russellhowardmusic.com

Dam Brino: self-titled (March 30) www.dambrinomusic.com

New Releases Coming Soon From....

A Clever Con www.aclevercon.com

Jesse Terry www.jesseterrymusic.com

Tim Mahoney www.timmahoney.com

Recent Releases and Touring Acts

Red Wanting Blue: From the Vanishing Point www.redwantingblue.com

Darrell Scott Long Ride Home www.darrellscott.com

Cornflower Blue: Run Down The Rails www.cornflowerbluemusic.com

Jeff Campbell: Stop and Go www.jeffcampbellmusic.com

Charlie Parr: Keep Your Hands on the Plow www.charlieparr.com

Sunspot: The Slingshot Effect www.sunspotmusic.com

Dan Miraldi: Rock N Roll Band www.danmiraldi.com

Me and The Machine: releases from Joel Meeks, Nathan Griffin and Adam Burrows www.meandthemachine.com

Burning River Ramblers: self-titled www.reverbnation.com/theburningriverramblers

Zach Williams & The Reformation: A Southern Offering www.zwrnation.com

Tommy & The High Pilots www.thehighpilots.com

David Mayfield Parade: www.davidmayfieldparade.com

Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime www.badfish.com
Scotty Don't (original project of Badfish members) www.scottydont.com

Poco www.poconut.org

Pure Prairie League www.pureprairieleague.com

Chris Knight www.chrisknight.net

David Jacobs-Strain www.davidjacobs-strain.com

The Companies We Represent

Bullz-Eye.com: With reviews, original entertainment features, sports, commentary, men's fitness advice, humor and blogs covering a wide range of topics, Bullz-Eye.com is one of the premier online entertainment magazines for men. Bullz-Eye.com/Black Mountain Publishing also publishes several blogs including Premium Hollywood, The Scores Report and Mikey's Kitchen. www.bullz-eye.com

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