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What does it mean to be with someone yet be alone – this is the question singer-songwriter Ben Rabb finds new ways to answer on the opening track of his sophomore EP, Feel Me Fall set for release July 14th. Influenced as much by his relationship to Los Angeles, the sprawling city he now calls home, as to how he feels about the people along for the ride with him, the record finds new hope in overcoming the most current of conditions - isolation. “My wife and I got married, and the following day we moved to LA,” he says of the impetus behind the record. “The pace of California has definitely affected my writing process.”

Rabb’s indie folk sound, influenced by his youth in the Midwest and Northeast, and artists such as Damien Rice and Cat Stevens, has absorbed some of the warmth, and strangeness of the West Coast. Supported by strings and insistent percussion, songs such as “Working To My Bone” and “The Fight” are modern odes to self-discovery, an evergreen theme of folk music. “We really wanted to focus on allowing the arrangements to breathe, and trying new ways to do that,” says Rabb of the more orchestral sound they created. “It’s a huge departure from what I’m used to as a solo performer, where it’s just me with a guitar.”

“Alone With You” studies the unforeseen consequences of loneliness, while the closer, “Take Me Back” is a nostalgic, Americana influenced look back at Rabb’s youth. He cites “Anyday” as a favorite track. “It’s a song I wrote to give a voice to those who don’t always have the chance to use theirs,” he says. “The record’s all about stepping out on your own, but this is a song that highlights how we rely on others.” With an introspective sound produced by Mike Davidson, who worked on Rabb’s first record, Until It’s Gone is a timely and welcome addition to the American Songbook.

Feel Me Fall is a defiant challenge to the listener,” says Rabb. “This is a collection of songs about gaining some self-awareness and realization. Being able to see the aspects of your life that need to change, whether that's relationships, career, personal challenges, and having the courage to move forward. It's my way of giving the listener hope and encouragement while challenging them, their roadblocks and myself. I dare you to feel me fall, because I won't.”

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