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Brian Lisik and the Unfortunates latest offering, We’re Sorry… begins with a musical mistake, as the band counts off the Stones-y opening track “Hey Zelienople!” - three times - and ends with an apology, in the form of a one-off acoustic singalong more akin to a boatload of drunken sailors than a modern pop-rock band.

In between, the album’s 13 tracks drip with the type of unrepentant rock that proves pop music still can be fun and dangerous.

We’re Sorry… is the follow-up to the Akron, Ohio-based band’s critically acclaimed 2015 release, Curtisinterruptedus (Pittsburgh In Tune said that album is “a first-rate gathering of guitar-driven power/pop”; esteemed music critic, Lee Zimmerman, gave it 4 stars in Goldmine Magazine, stating, “(With) ‘Born on Needles and Pins,’ ‘About Me Back Home,’ and ‘Swagger Sway Fall,’ Lisik’s abilities are immediately affirmed”; and Rapid River Magazine called Curtisinterruptedus ”Fourteen tunes, with nary a weak link among them, cover(ing) as broad a range of topics as you’re likely to hear on any given disc”).

And whereas the former album found folksy-yet-biting selections like “Chaos Is a Friend of Mine,” “Marietta,” and “Tattered and Broken” co-existing peacefully with highly literate but bone-crushing tunes like “Normalcy” and “Never Was,” We’re Sorry… largely dispenses with any notions of subtlety.

Recorded live in a whirlwind six days inside the former Gardner Pie Company factory (a space that also doubles as a scuba diving training facility and occasional rehearsal space for Black Keys’ guitarist, Dan Auerbach) the album’s spontaneity and the room itself act as the visceral sixth member of the band, as Lisik, bassist Steve Norgrove, guitarist Raymond Flanagan, piano/organist Tim Longfellow, and drummer/producer Benjamin Payne tear through Lisik-and-Norgrove penned rockers like “Don’t Like Nobody,” “Another Friday Night” (actually recorded on the first anniversary of the death of Lemmy Kilmister – and featuring a Ray Flanagan guitar solo worthy of a seat right beside the cream of the Motorhead catalog), and “The Meat Locker/Shumpert’s Head” with a shocking abandon – at least to those more familiar with Lisik’s softer flights of musical fancy.

“People tend to forget that I started out in sweaty, loud, mostly out of tune rock bands – and live at least, I haven’t really evolved all that much, truth be told,” Lisik says.

Elsewhere on We’re Sorry…, the breadth of Lisik’s songwriting is featured in some of his most ambitious lyrical and musical moments ever, such as the gorgeous jazz pining of “IDKWTIC” (“I Don’t Know What This Is Called” – Payne’s tongue-in-cheek working title for the song that ended up sticking), the sweeping ‘60s AM-radio pop and clever imagery of “Feudal Nights,” the coyly irreverent gender-bending of “Bye Bi Love,” and another brilliant Lisik/Norgrove ode to society’s most invisible, “Indescribable.”

“I find a lot of artists write to escape who they know they are – and maybe don’t like,” Lisik says of the theme, as much as there is one, of the new album. “I’ve always used it to figure out who I am. And I’m kind of starting to like the guy.”

As for the cheeky title - one that joins the ranks of previous releases Curtisinterruptedus, The Mess That Money Could Buy, Happiness Is Boring, and Baggage – once again, Lisik says, very little thought was put into it.

“We had a lot of titles for this album, but the right one always seems to kind of fall out of the air when it needs to,” he says. “So the title, I guess, says that; ‘we’re sorry if this sucks, but then again, if you don’t like it, we’re sorry - that’s all you get’.”

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